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ARIN Technologies uses its patented Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology to develop and manufacture a range of cost-effective alerting and localization systems that make businesses more efficient, profitable and worker friendly.


Our UWB systems:

  1. Operate on a wireless network that are simpler and more cost-effective than wired (Ethernet) systems. There is no need to purchase and route cables throughout your facility thus saving you the time and expense on the initial installation.
  2. Allow for centimeter level distance calculations between our units. For example, our systems can accurately determine, within a few centimeters, where an item is located in your facility or that a forklift is nearing an employee. Most other units on the market today measure distance in meters (vs centimeters) and are thus not nearly as precise. Imagine a forklift driver misjudging the distance to an important piece of equipment (or employee) by a few meters resulting in an expensive accident.
  3. Do not interfere with common ISM frequencies unlike many other wireless systems that operate in an industrial environment. This ensures that our systems will work in your environment and avoids having to troubleshoot any wireless networking issues.

What is UWB?

UWB is a short-range, wireless communication protocol. In some ways, it is like Bluetooth and WiFi but differs by operating at much higher frequency radio waves. By continuously scanning the airwaves, devices with UWB can very accurately locate and communicate with other UWB devices.

While UWB has been around for decades, it only within the last year or so that large smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Bosch have started to include UWB technology into their products. In this sense, ARIN Technologies has been ahead of the technology adoption cycle by developing and producing UWB-enabled products for several years.

Products with Our UWB Technology


Improve forklift safety in your workplace. A safe work environment leads to higher profitability for your business.



Know exactly where your assets, equipment, work in progress, and inventory are at all times in order to improve operations.


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